Our service is comprised of

3 important pillars

1 Hyperlinking and Intelligent Navigation

  • Hyperlinking of all details and sheet# references (vector or scanned)
  • Smart Index with document control information
  • Verified bookmark labels perfect everytime
  • Verified Thumbnail labels perfect everytime
  • Fast & accurate word search

2 High Quality Overlays

  • High quality overlays for every sheet that has a revision
  • Manual 3 point alignment of sheets
  • Multiple overlays for sheets with multiple content areas

3 Change Identification and Analytics

  • Identifying areas of change in content
  • Quantifying a % change in content
  • Analytics of amount of change for each update

Standard Deployment

No per user cost, No software to purchase, No subscriptions required

Delivered entirely in PDF format

Windows, Mac, iPad optimized for each system