Our services are comprised of

3 important pillars

1 Document Control and Intelligent Navigation

Absolutely boring, but critical. It is powerful when we use all the information to make our plansets easier, faster and more useful. Watermarks on every sheet to provide critical information such as date of posting, customer tag, and amount of change from previous revision. Our Smart Planset leverages all the information to give us perfect labeled thumbnails and bookmarks. The Smart Index gives us precise, accurate, fast word search,and easy hyperlink navigation. The cost and time for everyone is drastically reduced.

2 High Quality Overlays

The only way to compare revised sheets is with a clear and consistent overlay. The only way to achieve this, is with highly trained technicians who guarantee quality results. With these overlays, rework is drastically reduced.

3 Change Identification and Analytics

Our technicians apply a uniform grid over the plan sheet overlay. They methodically search each grid, looking for change and evaluating how much change there is. They mark only the grids that contain change. For everyone that needs to review this sheet, their time is drastically reduced.

Standard Deployment

Cloud Hosted

Delivered entirely in PDF format

Windows, Mac, iPad optimized for each system

Custom deployments available to fit your software and hardware needs.

No per user cost, No software to purchase, No subscriptions required